Vietnam train travel

Vietnam is great for all people around the world can travel here, has many heritage and specially people are easy-going...

Have you ever felt when domestic tourism Vietnam by train? I have a deeply felt when looking at the country and a destination for foreign tourists in the world. Vietnam, with many scenic spots, I was very lucky and especially look out the window of the train, it's really great Today is New Year many students away from home for everyone to remember Tet of the nation, those who are not on the festival feel and remember the family home. And 3, Tet is not doing anything for the souls of all should invite each other to finally watch television. Perhaps because of the Asian New Year to the French TV show also started airing a few Asian films and programs that come about Asian countries. When I read the news that France 3 television channel is to broadcast programs about Vietnam on the evening of 2nd Year so I eagerly wait and see. Since the student side, I have arranged the trip by Vietnam train, it gives me a feeling of pure pleasure. I usually contact the leading prestige dealer to ensure this item. And at the end of the evening, I usually watch TV programs about Vietnam, there are many programs say not true there are programs say wrong direction, but this is the first time I saw they tell the truth about Vietnam, a country that by his work, I went all the provinces, not somewhere I have not come across. So I feel what they tell the truth, do I feel compelled to write something to send to everyone on a slightly different feel and I just want to raise some important points. Vietnam is the country stretches over sea life in Vietnam is more difficult, with many children not in school because of poor attendance, because there is no transport, there are children living must earn a living while still too small to support their family, with all the traditional hospitality of all the people I meet they all want their children can learn to get rid of poverty, but paradoxically in Vietnam we are in the elementary and secondary schools still have to pay tuition, we wanted was education, then why are still people have to pay school fees? In the central Straits, had suffered hard people are working to feed her children to school, and they work hard, but maybe they are still in the margin of change that we often say in the meeting, was still so far from the life, poor people have only hopes. Down to orchards in the Mekong Delta, farmers still hard to sell a large crate with okra is 52,000 dong, while in the Paris 300gam okra only has the price of 2.5 Euro . Pictures of our country's two major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are two important points of the two countries, but still the picture of two chaotic cities and unreasonable. Overseas Vietnamese is the national capacity, as in the early statement of the Prime Minister, on this point is absolutely right, we also need to be selective, with many overseas Vietnamese that I met on this side they keep talking about home, eager to do something for his country, and on the countryside is always waiting in the heart smarting gasoline. There is also good to know people do not change our hometown just a response to the old hatred, and pain that recur throughout the war have passed nearly 30 years. Many people when they return to Vietnam over the side left wondering whether to return to Vietnam again, when there are so many urgent steps from the airport and many other cumbersome. Having the courage to return home to work and run into more problems with administrative procedures that they thought was impossible nonsense nonsense do.Co thousands of people in the country that we live long become familiar and accepted it and that it is normal. With friends and classmates with foreigners who have been doing business in Vietnam and, like myself, the biggest thing our country needs to do is complete the administrative reform of bureaucracy and corruption are widespread. There are many government officials including the familiarity of the staff of state companies, to pay the three docked three, but they have so many houses, cars, money ... do not need soil test can also known to be corrupt, or run scams or leverage relationships to do business, because people do business with a true surely the stipend is not enough, let alone life can earn yourself a piece of land, precisely because How deep thoughts are new graduate students are pressing to run on certain state agencies to slowly regain capital. Our country is still much work to do, when comparing the area under the eyes of many foreign businessmen, the Vietnam market potential and economic risks, but if difficult and cumbersome they had besides China is a country where its potential is concerned, which the world, including countries like the U.S. and the European Community. We need to do something, by rebuilding the administrative system and a better administrative law, to serve the immediate people, reduce corruption and build a country where each citizen Vietnam is expected. And the train continued its journey and not wait for us to ponder


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